Heat 7 contestants

Nick Dixon (* Heat Winner)

Nick Dixon’s style is intelligent yet accessible, with a relaxed delivery that complements the sharpness of his writing. He won the famous King Gong show in May 2012.

Athena Kugblenu

Athena Kugblenu started performing in March 2012, wondering if she would be up to the challenge. Of Indian-Caribbean and Ghanaian descent, the north London native likes to think with careful handling, no topic is off bounds for a good laugh.

Colm Tyrrell

I am a young Dublin comedian. I am studying Business Studies at University. I have loved every moment since my first gig and I hope that I am still performing for many years to come.

Dave Green

Dave Green performs a mixture of surreal ramblings and surreal ramblings. His hobbies include rambling and repetition. His misanthropic persona and downbeat delivery are fast proving popular with audiences and promoters alike.

Joshua Ross

Joshua Ross combines off-kilter one liners with his own askew world view. He has been performing in London’s most glamorous open mic venues since Autumn 2011.

Liam Jeavons

I’m a 21-year-old Actor/Comedian from Birmingham who’s been doing Stand up for 6 months. I’m inspired by performs such as John Cleese, Charlie Chaplin, Peter Sellers and my favorite comedian is Peter Kay.

Robin Parmiter

Robin Parmiter is a York-based comedian who explores his various psychological worries and subsequent journey into self-help.  He is also a medium-slow bowler and monthly subscriber to Oprah Magazine.

Viv Groskop

Thrilled to be on stage in Edinburgh for the first time. I dedicate my performance to my husband and children without whom I could have done this bloody ages ago