Heat 4 contestants

Jonathan Pelham (* Heat Winner)

Johnny Pelham is a Masters student studying politics at Newcastle University. He was inspired to get into comedy by the need for self validation and the possibility of chocolate, the chocolate never materialised, but he has found the whole experience blooming marvellous and hopes to continue.

Alan Power

Irish born, SW London based comedian Alan Power began performing stand-up this year and appears regularly on London’s Open Mic circuit. A student of the ancient Irish art of  “having the craic”, his comedy has been described as both “live” and “upright”.

Andy Field

I’d love to be a professional comedian so this competition is like a massive exam that if I pass gets me the job I’ve always wanted. I just hope I don’t get stress diarrhoea like I did during my GCSE’s.

Axel Boardman

Keiron Nicholson

Hello! I’m Keiron from Glasgow. I used to make software for kids which was fun, but it is more fun to shout jokes at strangers. I love comedy, video games and trans fats.

Leroy Brito

Since his debut in 2011, Leroy has quickly developed a reputation as a rising star of comedy. With open spots at The Glee Club and Jongleurs under his belt, Leroy’s easy going stage presence and deft delivery leave a lasting impression

Wendy Grubb

Wendy Grubb, as gorgeous as any middle-aged woman reared on a Scottish diet with a penchant for sensible footwear, was encouraged by a workmate to try stand-up and hooked when she found an audience sharing her humour and laughing.