Heat 3 contestants

Aisling Bea (*Heat Winner)

Aisling Bea is an actress, stand up and comedy writer originally from a place called “Ireland” (google it). She now resides in London. She spends half her time in forests taking photos of butterflies and the other half ball breaking.

Adam Blaize

I have been performing stand up since 2011. I once appeared in a crime documentary, where I played the roles of three characters. These were, man having picnic with another man, police officer and member of the victims family. I’ve never seen the documentary.

Andrew Sim

Since I started doing spots at nightclubs and pubs around Aberdeen, I have grown a strong passion for doing stand up. I’ve had the honour to perform with the best on the comedy circuit and I hope it continues.

Daryl Perry

Daryl Perry is clever yet naïve; lethargic but exuberant; dirty-minded yet child-like; laconic despite sometimes being unable to put his thoughts into a coherent, short, amusing sentence. Most importantly, he dislikes contradictions. Well, he does and he doesn’t.

Joe Foster

I am Joe Foster I’ve been doing standup around for the last year, so am happy to be through to this stage of the competition as now I will have the chance to moan internationally….good day.

Joe Hodgson

What can I say about myself? I’m an 18 year old moping teenager who spends his life watching Big Brother, eating pot noodles, and waiting for a slip of paper in August telling me I’ve failed A level physics.

Omar Hamdi

Omar Hamdi has established himself as one of the hardest-working and distinctive rising stars of UK comedy. Unique as a high-energy Egyptian-Welsh comic, his intelligent yet accessible act delivers non-stop laughs, with cultural and social commentary and fresh political insights.

Paul Jones

Paul Jones took to the stand-up stage in 2011. He’s performed at the usual new act nights all around the South East. Paul’s also written jokes and sketches for Radio